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  1. The Contractor shall confine all operations (including storage of materials) on Government premises to areas authorized or approved by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall hold and save the Government, its officers and agents, free and harmless from liability of any nature occasioned by the Contractor's performance. (FAR 52.236 10)

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  3. The Contractor shall, under regulations prescribed by the Contracting Officer, use only established roadways, or use temporary roadways constructed by the Contractor when and as authorized by the Contracting Officer. When materials are transported in prosecuting the work, vehicles shall not be loaded beyond the loading capacity recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle or prescribed by any Federal, State, or local law or regulation. When it is necessary to cross curbs or sidewalks, the Contractor shall protect them from damage. The Contractor shall repair or pay for the repair of any damaged curbs, sidewalks, or roads.

  4. Working space and space available for storing materials shall be as determined by the Project Engineer.

  5. Workmen are subject to rules of Medical Center applicable to their conduct.

  6. Execute work so as to interfere as little as possible with normal functioning of Medical Center as a whole, including operations of utility services, fire protection systems and any existing equipment, and with work being done by others. Use of equipment and tools that transmit vibrations and noises through the building structure, are not permitted in buildings that are occupied, during construction, jointly by patients or medical personnel, and Contractor's personnel, except as permitted by Project Engineer.

    1. Do not store materials and equipment in other than assigned areas.

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    3. Where access by Medical Center personnel to vacated portions of buildings is not required, storage of Contractor's materials and equipment will be permitted subject to fire and safety requirements.

  7. Phasing: To insure such executions, Contractor shall furnish the Project Engineer with a schedule of approximate phasing dates on which the Contractor intends to accomplish work in each specific area of site, building or portion thereof. In addition, Contractor shall notify the Project Engineer two weeks in advance of the proposed date of starting work in each specific area of site, building or portion thereof. Arrange such dates to insure accomplishment of this work in successive phases mutually agreeable to Project Engineer.

  8. Building will be occupied during performance of work but immediate areas of alterations will be vacated (B134A only).

    1. Contractor shall take all measures and provide all material necessary for protecting existing equipment and property in affected areas of construction against dust and debris, so that equipment and affected areas to be used in the Medical Centers operations will not be hindered. Contractor shall permit access to Department of Veterans Affairs personnel and patients through other construction areas which serve as routes of access to such affected areas and equipment. Coordinate alteration work in areas occupied by Department of Veterans Affairs so that Medical Center operations will continue during the construction period.

    2. Deleted.

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  3. Utilities Services: Maintain existing utility services for Medical Center at all times. Provide temporary facilities, labor, materials, equipment, connections, and utilities to assure uninterrupted services. Where necessary to cut existing water, steam, gases, sewer or air pipes, or conduits, wires, cables, etc. of utility services or of fire protection systems and communications systems (including telephone), they shall be cut and capped at suitable places where shown; or, in absence of such indication, where directed by Project Engineer.

    1. No utility service such as water, gas, steam, sewers or electricity, or fire protection systems and communications systems may be interrupted without prior approval of Project Engineer. Electrical work shall be accomplished with all affected circuits or equipment de-energized. When an electrical outage cannot be accomplished, work on any energized circuits or equipment shall not commence without receiving an energized electrical permit from the Project Engineer.

Refer to specification Sections 26 05 11, REQUIREMENTS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, for additional requirements.

    1. Contractor shall submit a request to interrupt any such services to Project Engineer, in writing, 2 weeks in advance of proposed interruption. Request shall state reason, date, exact time of, and approximate duration of such interruption.

    2. Contractor will be advised (in writing) of approval of request, or of which other date and/or time such interruption will cause least inconvenience to operations of Medical Center. Interruption time approved by Medical Center may occur at other than Contractor's normal working hours.

    3. Major interruptions of any system must be requested, in writing, at least 15 calendar days prior to the desired time and shall be performed as directed by the Project Engineer.

    4. In case of a contract construction emergency, service will be interrupted on approval of Project Engineer. Such approval will be confirmed in writing as soon as practical.

    5. Whenever it is required that a connection fee be paid to a public utility provider for new permanent service to the construction project, for such items as water, sewer, electricity, gas or steam, payment of such fee shall be the responsibility of the Government and not the Contractor.

  1. Abandoned Lines: All service lines such as wires, cables, conduits, ducts, pipes and the like, and their hangers or supports, which are to be abandoned but are not required to be entirely removed, shall be sealed, capped or plugged. The lines shall not be capped in finished areas, but shall be removed and sealed, capped or plugged in ceilings, within furred spaces, in unfinished areas, or within walls or partitions; so that they are completely behind the finished surfaces.

  2. To minimize interference of construction activities with flow of Medical Center traffic, comply with the following:

    1. Keep roads, walks and entrances to grounds, to parking and to occupied areas of buildings clear of construction materials, debris and standing construction equipment and vehicles.

    2. Deleted.

  3. Coordinate the work for this contract with other construction operations as directed by Project Engineer. This includes the scheduling of traffic and the use of roadways, as specified in Article, USE OF ROADWAYS.

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