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    1. Operation of RPC

During the commissioning and operation of RPC the main impact on the environment and population is due to the exploitation of radioactive equipment and generation of hazardous waste.


Below presented a generic set of mitigation measures, proposed for the construction and operation of RTC and operation of the RPC.

10.1. Construction Phase

Emissions, noise and vibration originate during construction works when drilling foundations, loading/unloading/transporting materials, operating construction equipment and vehicles, etc. For minimizing these negative impacts:

Excessive and unmanaged water use at the construction sites may result in waterlogging of the site, runoff from the site, pollution of the ground water with oil and lubricants. For minimizing these negative impacts:

In case of encountering any unidentified objects and/or substances beneath the soil:

To avoid health hazards of workers and environmental pollution with hazardous waste:

Non-toxic construction waste, including excess excavated material, may hinder works and pollute environment if mismanaged. In order to minimize negative impacts from generated construction waste:

Accidents leading to health damage and even casualties may occur in the course of construction. To minimize risk of negative health impact and accidents:

- constructors should be properly insured (Insurance of construction workers);

Construction works, especially operation of machinery, may cause nuisance to nearby residents caused with noise, dust, and vibration. Construction may cause nuisance to the personnel of the YPI. To minimize this impact:

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Operation of RTC - Environmental and social impact assessment report

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Operation of RTC

The main environmental risks:

- improper operation of boiler house

- organic, chemical and household waste generation

Impact on the air quality

The ACEO heating system operation results in generation of hazardous substances from the combustion of fossil fuel that is being emitted into the atmosphere, thus impacting the environment.

The estimations of hazardous substances emitted and dispersed into the atmosphere realized during the boiler-house operation showed, that the expected surface based concentrations are in the range of permissible norms. Water Resources

Water supply of the drinking water of the RTC will be carried out from the urban water supply network through the network of YPI. The water use volumes are not comparable with YPI water consumption and cannot break the water balance.

The water supply internal network is circuit-shaped. The hot water is supplied from the boiler-house, which will be located at the RTC area.
To ensure the fire safety of the area a ground fire-fighting hydrant is to be installed.
Water discharge

The sewage waters of the RTC arise as a result of household water usage and works of laboratories. All the sewage waters are accumulated in one sewage pipe and connected with YPI sewage system.


Clinical wastes, X-ray films development solutions and waste of domestic nature are generated at the RTC.

The surgical (clothes, bandages, paper containers and cardboard boxes) and organic wastes can be combined and send to thermal neutralization to the relevant organizations.
In particular, there are a few companies (Ecologia V.K.H, ECOPROTECT LLC, etc.)in the republic that possesses a waste processing license and positive environmental expertise assessment that carry out clinical waste collection and burning.
Neutralization of X-ray films developing solutions are also implemented by organizations that have received a positive assessment of environmental expertise and a waste processing license.
Wastes of domestic nature will be transported to Yerevan municipal landfill on the basis of a contract with Yerevan city garbage Disposal Company.

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Operation of ACEO

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Operation of RPC


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