Opening World Builder Windows 7

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Intro to Computer Science

Creating a Karel world

Opening World Builder

Windows 7

Start Button (bottom left corner of the computer)

>> Computer >> C: drive >> CSfolder >> KarelJRobot >> KarelJRobot (executable jar)

Windows 10

In “Ask me anything” type in “c:” >> Computer Science Download

>> KJRDistribution (twice maybe) >> KarelJRobot (executable jar)

Creating World

Add walls and beepers as needed. To delete, hold the ctrl key when clicking on walls or beepers.

Saving the World

(haha, that sounds funny)

Save >> recommend that you save it to a folder on the desktop (ex Karel World).

The file must be saved with a .kwld extension. Name the world something relevant.

Example: mountain.kwld

Close out of the world builder.

Putting the world into Eclipse

Open eclipse and the folder on the desktop in which you saved your world.

Drag the world to the Project (highest level) in Eclipse and hit OK to copy.

Running the world

In the program type the following line

World.readWorld(“mountain.kwld”); Must be in quotes and match name of your world. Hope that works. Please help each other.


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